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Security/Mobile Patrol

Domestic and commercial properties are often targets for burglars, intruders or vandals but our mobile security patrols are an ideal and effective method for protecting your property from external issues.

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We are there for your business when you can't be.

Our range of cost-effective Mobile Security response services can operate individually or in combination. From uniformed vehicle patrols, alarm response and lone worker escorts to protect your business, to dependable keyholding and locking/unlocking services to help maintain business continuity.

Our mobile security services: Wherever and whenever you need us

Any crime against your business has the potential to distress staff and disrupt operations. The financial impact of stolen stock or damaged property can also hit hard, and if your staff are on-call for alarms or locking up alone there may be implications for your duty of care as an employer too. Our reactive mobile security services offer protection for both your tangible and intangible assets and give you peace of mind too. And we’re not just here to detect and deter crime. We can help guard against the inconvenience of lost keys or having to turn out to false alarms, we can be a reassuring presence for staff who are transporting high-value goods or we can help lock up at the end of the day.

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Let us talk about your unique needs

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Our highly trained staff are also fully certified to administer first aid. Apollo Security Services mobile security patrols in London and around the uk also provide a rapid response service should an alarm sound a patrol will be dispatched to your premises; our security operatives will then check the property for any signs of break-in or vandalism. 


Apollo Security Operates a fully SIA licensed canine response team that can be an effective solution when answering an alarm call and allows the team the best possible chance to catch offenders in the act.


Should an incident occur our mobile security patrols in London and around the UK will call the police and report the incident on your behalf, should your property be compromised or any windows or any other part of the property be damaged Apollo Security services will arrange for the repairs to be carried out.


A full detailed report will then be provided to our pre-arranged contact within the business. All of our staff at Apollo Security come equipped with body-worn cameras which allow us to film any incident in its entirety and can help with any potential prosecution.


A member of our team will then stay on-site until such a time that the Repairs are completed, and the building is fully secured once more. 

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