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Close Protection

Your personal safety is of utmost importance to us, which is why Close protection is a crucial part of what we do.

Apollo​ Security is known to be one of the best leading close protection companies within the United Kingdom, with many years of experience, the Close Protection officers at Apollo can guarantee an unmatched quality service. 

Our knowledge and expertise in the UK allow us to have the skills and qualities we need to identify and mitigate any threats. CEOs, Diplomats, Ultra-high net worth individuals and their families as well as celebrities are usually more susceptible to risks. We provide Close protection and VIP security solutions to ensure that individuals are kept as protected and safe as possible.

With discretion being paramount our specialise attributes include confidentiality and we ensure any situation will be managed with fine-tuned social skills.  At Apollo, we are highly trained in all aspects of executive protection and always ready to facilitate our client's needs.


The skills that a professional bodyguard should possess include advance driving, first aid and a broad knowledge of security-related issues and threats. 

Every client is different, every close protection task is different, language and lifestyle considerations are of course always taken into account. Female bodyguards can be supplied to suit any family needs and/or situations where children are involved.

Close Protection has evolved over the last decade, into what is now a more refined service; Bodyguards now have internationally-recognised qualifications and a standard level of overall training. Apollo Security Services Ltd, has added military operation and management skills services to enhance those Bodyguard services.

Apollo Security has deployed both single operatives and Close Protection Teams across the world in support of our clients' requirements.

Most of our Close Protection Bodyguard Operatives are former members of British Army, Police or Intelligence Services. In line with UK regulations, all of our Close Protection Bodyguards deployed within the UK, are qualified and hold SIA licenses.

Accommodating for all 

Female Close Protection officers

Although male close protection officers currently dominate the Close Protection industry, from time to time, having a male presence in your home to protect you and your family may not be a suitable solution, as it could be too intimidating for your children or obstructive in a woman’s life.


We have worked for a number of Middle Eastern Royal families worldwide throughout the years and provided female clients with Women officers to conform with their religion and propriety rules, as in such case male officers are not an appropriate choice.

Female close protection officers are a more covert option as they can mix in the clients circle and pass themselves off as a friend or nanny of the children. They will therefore draw less attention to the client or their family and leave opportunists or criminals off guard, giving them advance notice to react. 

Combining elegance and strength, they offer the right security solution for family life or ladies who require a more feminine approach to security whilst maintaining an adequate level of personal protection.

​Female close protection officer could be specifically good for: 

  • Low-key, covert protection

  • To accompany children

  • For Middle Eastern Female Royalty


Our Female operatives are highly experienced and respected operatives in the industry with military or police background; some having operated in hostile environment whilst they served in the army. They maintain a very strong level of fitness, training twice as hard as their male counterparts, so they are physically fit to respond in the event of an attack, although their softer skills will help resolve a conflict before it worsen. 

We specialise in providing bilingual Female Bodyguards for your travel to limit language barrier and ease your visit abroad. Not only do our female operatives speak the language of the country you visit fluently but their local knowledge and cultural understanding make a real difference for your safety when travelling.


At Apollo we are comitted to provide close protection services for both short or long term periods, even at short notice. Our Close protection officers can keep you safe and secure at your place of work, your residence, whilst travelling abroad and whilst comuting from one area to another.

Our close protection officers provide the highest level of security possible. Please contact us for further information, we look forward to ensuring you are safe and secure at all times.

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