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Security Chauffeurs

 At Apollo our drivers are not ordinary drivers, they are Security Chauffeurs who have all experienced high security training to ensure all clients, the clients family and loved ones are safe and comfortable at all times. Whether its escorting the clients to a meeting, airport, hotel, their house, a venue or anywhere else, our security drivers work closely with close protection operatives to ensure nothing ever goes wrong.

Our Core Values:

  • Punctuality 

When it comes to Apollo we believe punctuality is the most important quality a person can have. This is why we ensure all of our vehicles arrive 10-15 minutes before the clients arranged booking to ensure they are always on time and not in a rush.


  • Professionalism

We encourage our team to deal with clients in a bespoke manner. Our aim is to build a profile on the client before we meet them so that we can ensure they are comfortable. We try to find out information such as:  what they enjoy, what they dislike, what cars they prefer etc. We mainly deal with the PA unless requested otherwise.

  • Confidentiality

Our ​chauffeurs would never encourage a conversation with the client unless they are told otherwise. Private matters or anything that may cause a threat to the client will never be spoken about. All Apollo Chauffeurs are highly trained.

  • Chauffeur standards

All drivers have a set uniform and will wear a clean and ironed suit and tie throughout the duration of the drive. Drivers are also always well groomed. 

  • Vehicle Standards

Our Vehicles are thoroughly valleted prior to all client bookings ensuring a sanitised vehicle. The vehicles we use here at Apollo are all high end model cars, they are luxurious and all come in either black, grey or silver. We have a variety of light and dark coloured interiors. 

  • Client Expectations

Our clients deserve the best service possible! At Apollo our chauffeurs always aim to go above and beyond to ensure the safety and seurity of the client. ​


Truly the best luxury security chauffeur service out there.

We don't just look after the client, we look after the entire family.

Apollo security Chauffeurs are known in the market to be the best security drivers due to their techique and passion for the job. They ensure the security of the client is high at all times. 

All Chauffeurs go through security checks and are hand picked at random by the Managing Director who thoroughly tests their knowledge before carrying out various assessments. This is to ensure, Apollo has the best security drivers for the clients. 


Why Choose Apollo?

At Apollo, we believe that the service we deliver and the safety of our client should be put first. All drivers undertake multiple examinations as well as multiple driving tests to ensure their driving skills are impeccable, we do not tolerate any speeding or harsh breaking. 


Our Chauffeurs ensure that the vehicles are always well equipped with tissues, bottles of water, snacks and anything else the client may want. Our vehicles are fully valleted before every journey giving the cars a luxurious shine. 

All​ Apollo vehicles are less than 3 years old, they are fully equiped with executive packages so that the client can sit comfortably for the planned journey ahead. 

The safety of our clients is a must, so all drivers are first aid equipped and trained and aim to avoid any conflict, danger or any potential threat that may cause harm to the client. 

Need to be online while your on the move? You can work, browse the internet and check your emails on tusing our free Wifi just let.

All our security Chauffering vehicles come with a complimentary bottled water for all the passengers.

We have an amazing fleet, Our fleet contains various vehicles allowing us to provide transportation for our clients needs.

Free child seats and booster seats are available.Please request this when booking our security service.

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