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Event Security

Apollo Protection provides the best security services for all different kinds of events and parties within the United Kingdom. We are known to have a national presence throughout the UK, and our services are available all year round. Our specialised events security officers are both SIA and CPO approved and are highly trained to deal with any security matter that may arise in your event in a profound manner. 


The Best Security Service for your event

Apollo Security can assist you with advanced security planning when it comes to your events. The team will take into consideration the threat assessment, crowd control, issue preventions and much more. When there is a threat, our experienced security officers have the capabilities to respond to it and have the issue under control without hassle. The best thing about it is, our experienced guards are presentable, polite, and highly trained to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Keeping your guests, staff and the assets of the event safe is our number one priority. Its understandable that no two events are the same, and that the clients can all have diverse needs. So we ensure our clients that we will offer the best security solution based on their personal needs. Our professional guards will liase with your team to understand the type of event you will be having, they will inspect the venue, identify any possible thrats or breaches as well as note down any secutiry duties that may need to take place during your special event.

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Image by Brandon Erlinger-Ford

What we promise:

We will design the best secutiy solution for your and aim to handpick the best security officers for your event. Our security guards carry out their duties in compliant with the highest standard of excellence.


At Apollo we can ensure you we will provide security for a wide range of different events such as:

  • Sporting events

  • Film launches

  • Private events

  • Corporate events

  • Religious and cultural events

  • Political events

  • Birthdays, Weddings and more.

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As well as ensuring your event is fully protected, our professionals can also perform further duties such as, ticket inspection, welcoming guests, checking bags, directing guests to their seats, performing first aid, crowd management, parking management, and loads more. We have been offering events security for a whille now and pride ourselves as not only the UK's premier security company but also as one of the best hand to trust with your security needs in the industry. 

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