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Key Holder and Alarm Response

Our key holding and Alarm Response service is designed to give you a peace of mind, whether you are a home owner or business owner.

We will start by meeting with you to audit your entry procedures, including any alarms, and collect a copy of your keys. Our team are on call 24/7 to respond to alarm calls. If we are called to your property and there has been an incident, we will ensure that any intruders have left and re-secure your property.

Our teams are dispatched as soon as we receive a call from your alarm company. We will conduct a full inspection of your property, and its grounds to ensure that they are clear. In the event of a break-in, we will contact you or your nominated contact.


If your property has been broken in to, or has been damaged, our team will ensure that your property is secured. All alarms will be reset, and you can have a peace of mind. The responding guard will complete a report, which is sent to you, that will detail all of the events and information you require.

Hotel Door Lock

Commercial Properties

Our alarm response service allows us to prevent you from experiencing any disruption outside of working hours. It also helps to reduce a potential threat to your business keyholders whom would typically be responsible for attending to the alarm activations.


Residential Properties

At Apollo Security, we can also provide a longer-term solution. For a fixed fee, we can hold a spare set of keys for your property. This could be as a back-up if you lose your keys or if you lock yourself out of the property. Our 24/7 Communication Centre are on hand to arrange a collection or a drop-off to ensure you are not disrupted for too long.

Our key system allows us to:

• Ensure keys are stored safely, whilst only allowing access to approved key safe users via a unique individual login.

• Keep a full audit trail of all keys by producing reports detailing a full history of each key.


Why Apollo Security?

By choosing us to be your designated key holder, you can ensure that:

• A professional, SIA licensed guard will attend your property.

• Your staff do not put themselves at risk by attending the property.

• If there has been a serious incident, a professional and trained guard will be in control of the situation and will ensure that your property is secured before leaving the premises.

• There is a fluid response between your alarm activation, police response, and contractors if required.

• That you are provided with all the information you require via our informative incident report.

• Your site is not left vulnerable whilst repairs are made as our SIA licensed and experienced guard will remain on your property until it has been re-secured.

Image by Charles Forerunner

Secure your Commercial or Residential Properties 24/7 with our Key Holding & Alarm Response service

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