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Door Supervision

Image by Tinus Marte

Fully Trained Door Supervisors (Formally Known As A Door Man Or Bouncer)

Door Supervisors, also known as a door man or a bouncer, are responsible  for maintaining the safety of both customers and staff at various venue types, including: pubs, clubs, lounges, stadiums, and other licensed premises including public events.  For this reason, we ensure that each member of our team has been handpicked due to their skills, experience and training. Not only this, but we have also put our door supervisors through first aid training and arranging regular training sessions in areas such as physical intervention.

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Handling every situation promptly, professionally and within legal boundaries

We have a reputable team of in house trainers, which allow us to offer our team follow-up-training and continuing professional development (CPD) far easier and without any delay. As part of our mission to provide clients with only the best of the best, we ask all door supervisors to attend a 2 hour training session every 8 weeks, which would be documented within their CPD logs.


All our door supervisors have a SIA license and they are all former Police officers, military, fire service or industry professionals.

Our Door Supervisors

Professional door supervision works to create a good and long lasting impression while establishing a high level of security, our goal is to ensure that your consumers have the best experience within your establishment while feeling safe and secure. We display a professional appearance and friendly atmosphere to welcome your customers with the right impression. At Apollo Security, we hold many years experience in the security industry.

We are committed to providing you with security and protection services by maintaining positive relationships with your trade and encouraging the welfare of all. Our trained guards work to listen to your particular needs, we provide you with a safe environment and a warm welcome to begin your night. We hold a glowing reputation and offer your venue a great portrayal.

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By offering a safe environment for your guests, you are allowing people to enjoy themselves and completely relax. Our door supervisors make sure the licensing laws are upheld, are fully versed in the latest drug awareness and trained to a high standard in conflict management and physical intervention. Having received training and experience in customer service, drug awareness & managing conflict, we are organised and disciplined to ease a situation. We offer the following services:


Friendly Customer Services

Providing a Safe environment

Controlling ingress and egress


Ensuring licensing laws are upheld

Drug awareness

Our highly professional approach to door supervision security means that your premises is protected and makes the right impression. If you’re interested in using our services, we operate around the UK, contact us today to tell us more about your requirements.


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