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Asset Protection

Being able to protect your assets is hugely important and here at Apollo Security, we are proud to deliver this service to a very prestigious client base. There are a range of circumstances in which you may find you require this service to keep your assets and equipment safe and secure. With the right support from trained professionals, you can be rest assured that your assets will remain protected, both day and night.

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24/7 protection for your Assets

Apollo Security guards are specialists in high-value asset protection across the United Kingdom, ensuring your assets and equipment are given the best level of care and security that they deserve.


Our qualified industry experts, will carry out a full risk management process, covering a number of key areas. These include the identification and valuation of the assets and an assessment of the potential threats. They will also review any vulnerabilities that could be exposed.


Furthermore, these factors will be combined into a full risk analysis and mitigation strategy, creating the necessary procedures to provide the very best level of asset protection.

All members of our Asset Protection team are highly qualified in this field and are licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

At Apollo we take into consideration loads of factors thus, incorporating a well-planned, efficient network of layered security that combine to form an effective asset protection program.


Whether your assets are static or mobile, our staff are all highly trained in surveillance and protection methods, remaining vigilant to any potential threat. They act as a visible deterrent and are able to quickly apprehend anybody intent on criminal activity.


Event Security Management provide asset protection services 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring you have the peace of mind to go about your daily business in the knowledge that your valued property is protected.

Whether you require asset and equipment protection on a building site, in offices, factories, personal residences, temporary event sites, forecourts or anywhere else, be sure to make Apollo Security your first port of call. Our security officers are professionally trained to ensure effective and efficient security services at all times, from general asset surveillance to managing any potential conflict.

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